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Artist | Student | Varied
Sooooooooo, what should I say? XD
Well, I’m a totally crazy girl, I need to jump, run and sing all day to survive XD I’m glad I still have friends, maybe some people are scared by me :’)
You can see just under my name the sentence « My hobby? fangirling. » Because it’s true! When I’m fan of a show, a movie or something like that, I am a REAL fangirl XD
I wrote a sentence who describe aaaall my randoms:

« En 2550, Lady Bates règne sur la Suède, les Mangemorts brûlent la rhubarbe des Hobbits sociopathes, et partent dans un asile de Kilmore Cove. »

It means I’m in the fandom of:
- Harry Potter
- The Lord of the Rings (and The Hobbit)
- Sherlock BBC
- Ulysse Moore
- PewDiePie
- The Visitor from the Future
- Salut les Geeks
- Downton Abbey
- American Horror Story
- The "Psycho" Universe (it includes the original movie and the show "Bates Motel")

Otherwise, I play the piano since 2006, the guitar since 2011 and I want to take singing lesson, but I don’t have any time >_<
I compose. I compose a lot. Far too well. XD
I wanna write my songs but I’m so laaaaazyyyyy :’D

I write a lot of stories too. Now I’m more on « Joane & Sidney » or  « Sky above Green Woods », but I also have « Fireball » or « The Twins » -which is a comic- and many many others that are less important X)

Thanks for visiting my gallery! I send you lots and lots and lots of love from Switzerland! 8D

My Instagram: @ leinnon_drawings
My Twitter: @_leinnon_
My Tumblr:

P.S: Oui, je parle français x)
LOL! Tagged by Artistwolf16

1. You have to post ALL the rules
2. Each person has to share 13 things about themselves
3. Answer 13 questions asked to you, and invent 13 questions for tagged people to answer
4. Choose 13 people
5. You legitimately have to tag 13 people
6. You CAN'T say you don't do tags
7. Tag-backs ARE ALLOWED
8. YOU MUST DO THE JOURNAL ENTRY! NO COMMENTS! Unless you're talking ABOUT the Journal Entry.
9. You have to finish within a week. If you don't finish in time, you have to do whatever the creator asks.
10. Be creative with the title. You can't mention you got tagged in the title, but can in the Journal/Journal description.

Some facts 'bout me:
1. I'm 6-07 ft tall and it was pissing me off when I was younger. Now I'm happy :3
2. I'm strangely fascinated by 50s-60s periods. Music, movies, style...
3. I'm bi, and probably gender fluid
4. I'm a fckng PSYCHOPATH B)
5. I think I don't sleep as much as I should :')
6. I love doing video editing (is that how we say it?)
7. My best friend is amazing and I love her sooo much <3
8. I love taking pictures of architecture -w-
9. I have two cats ^^
10. I compose a lot of songs with my piano, but I rarely write them XD
11. My birthday is the 11th of March
12. I'm a crayzey biatch 
13. I was thirteen when I first had a role in a movie (don't freak out; it wasn't professional)

Questions for me:
1. What's your favorite animal? Stupid question, but whatever. Can be fictional (dragon, unicorn, etc) or real.
The rabbit :3

2. What language would you love to learn/become better at?
German, because I'll probably need it in my future .-. Otherwise, it would be fun to learn japanese or russian *w*

3. Do you have any siblings? Are they any good at art?
Yes, a little sister :3 and yes! she's very good but she doesn't want it to become her job.

4. What is/will be your job/profession? If you have a job now but will eventually have a different career, mention them both.
If everything goes right, I'll become a Graphic designer in about two years from now B)

5. What's your favorite book series or author?
I wanna say Harry Potter, but hey; this isn't original at all xD I honestly like the "Ulysse Moore" series, i was a huge fan when I was younger.

6. Have you ever watched Downton Abbey? If so, who's your favorite character? Why? If not, WHY HAVENT YOU? Lol jk
I love DA *q* my favorite character is Tom Branson <3 cause Allen Leech is a cutie :3 XD

7. Do you know how to drive?
Nope haha

8. Do you prefer to wear dresses or skirts or normal jeans and tshirts? (Lol random)
I don't feel myself when I wear skirts or dresses... So I guess I prefer jeans.

9. Who is your favorite OC? Can you link me to a picture of them?
I really like Caroline, because she's one of my first of all time.

10. Have you ever been out of the country? If so, where to? List everything XD
I can't list everything, lol XDDD I went to Thailand when I was like... 2, Florida at 10.. Otherwise it was Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Canary Islands (Tenerife), Guadaloupe, Dominican Republic, Ireland, Great Britain, Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia...
- omg -

11. Have you ever flown on an airplane? Do you like airplane food? Or have you never flown internationally?
Yes, I did! Food?.. It depends XD but I never found it disgusting.

12. What's your favorite deviation of mine? Yours?
I really really like this painting of Mary. And mine ? haha LOL I think it's my Tony portrait 

13. If you had to name an event that "marked your passage into adulthood" or "where you learned from a failure" or "something that you're so passionate about that an essay would be sad without it", what would you say? And yes, I am trying to sneak in some college essay help here..
Haha that's an interesting question. I think I can talk about by relationship with my first boyfriend, cause it went shit when I realized I was still in love with my actual girlfriend... lol i don't like to think about that

OW! What a surprise! I didn't tag anyone B)
  • Listening to: Doctor Strange OST
  • Reading: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child *w*
  • Watching: My screen at school... xD
  • Playing: Mission : Berlin (the "Man from UNCLE" game XD)
  • Eating: caramels XD
  • Drinking: Raspberry syrup


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